How to Donate to CubaAmor

Thank you for considering a donation to CubaAmor. Before we tell you how to actually do it, let's go over exactly what you're going to be doing here.

By making a donation to CubaAmor, you are helping to keep the site going, so that we can continue to have great conversations about Cuba, relationships, and other stuff. Your funds will go directly to website hosting services. Your administrators and developers and website owner do not receive a penny of what you donate. If you want them to receive money, you'll have to contact them directly and make an arrangement with them, but as of this writing, they're all volunteers, giving of themselves freely and without compensation.
Terms and Conditions
Now, to the nitty gritty. Here's how to make a donation:

a. Via Credit Card/Visa/MasterCard/Paypal

Donate via PayPal or Credit Card:

b. Via Snail Mail
  1. Make note of our 12-digit account number: 65EF-2A9C1C3E
  2. Please download the Mail-In Donation Deposit Form.
  3. Fill it out completely. (It's a PDF fill-in-form; please don't try to prove that you have worse handwriting than us.)
  4. Mail the completed form and your check together to:
    NFSN, Inc.
    PO BOX 441
    COCOA FL 32923-0441
  5. Sit back and wait. We'll email you when we've received your check and processed your deposit. It usually takes a week to ten days.

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